Newburyport Literary Festival

Saturday 10:30 AM 

Firehouse Center for the Arts l Listening to Literature

Today audio books are more popular than ever before. In an industry valued at over a billion dollars, and with more than 35,000 titles produced in audio annually — a number that grows exponentially each year — this art form combines the best of writing craft with expert acting craft. Who’s listening? Educated, affluent, avid readers, that’s who! But how does an audio book get made? Join acclaimed writers Ann Hood and Daniel Palmer and their “voices,” two of the busiest and best audio book narrators in the business, Tavia Gilbert and Peter Berkrot, as they discuss the experience of bringing a book from the printed page to your ears.

Presenters: Peter BerkrotTavia GilbertAnn HoodDaniel Palmer

Moderator: Jana Navratil

Event Date: 
Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 10:30am